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Rasmala is a Leading Regional Investment Banking Group with offices in the UAE,Oman and Egypt.
Asset Management

Rasmala specializes in the professional money management of funds and portfolios across the MENA and other global markets in both Conventional and Shariah Compliant strategies offering equities, fixed income, money markets and other alternative investment solutions. We have a dedicated team of portfolio managers and research analysts based across the region.

Investment Banking

EIIB-Rasmala advises clients on capital raising transactions, including sukuk, private and public placements, Islamic debt financing, and structured products. EIIB-Rasmala’s approach has been carefully tailored to meet the requirements of its institutional client base of government entities, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, corporates, insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions located in the MENA, GCC and Europe.

EIIB-Rasmala CEO Letter
February 4, 2015
At Rasmala we develop innovative asset management and financing solutions to meet our clients’ investment requirements.
EIIB-Rasmala Announces Full Acquisition of Egyptian Asset Management Business
November 17, 2014
Increases EIIB-Rasmala’s shareholding in Rasmala Egypt Asset Management from 51% to 100%
Harris Irfan in the National Regarding Dubai & UK Islamic Finance
November 15, 2014
“The UK is a massively enabling environment for Islamic finance. There is an excellent, level playing field, from both a tax and legislative point of view” .
EIIB-Rasmala Embarks On Expansion Drive
November 03, 2014
Expects to launch a further series of innovative, alternative fund products in early 2015.
Rasmala Sharia Fund Manager of the Year 2014
November 02, 2014
We are delighted to announce that Rasmala has won the award of the Sharia Asset Manager of the Year 2014 by the Global Investor.
Ahmed Abou El Saad quoted in Daily News Egypt
November 01, 2014
This can reduce the size of those funds on both the long and short term, according to Managing Director of Rasmala Egypt Asset Management Ahmed AbulSaad.
Investor letter ‘’Looking for Growth’’ – August 2014
August 01, 2014
“Rasmala Investment Eye on MENA Equity Markets H2-2014”
Rasmala CEO: Anwar AbuSbaitan quoted in Euromoney article
June 11, 2014
“A lot of regional investment institutions – governments, quasi-government bodies, pension funds, local institutions, publicly traded and privately owned companies – are all committing more assets to the MENA region, whether in debt or equity”
EIIB-Rasmala CEO: international investors keen to get into the Saudi market
June 8, 2014
The intro also includes some of Zak’s positive comments about the investment climate in KSA: “we are generally quite bullish and positive on the economic outlook of the Saudi Arabian economy and believe plans to diversify its economic base and upgrade its infrastructure will yield plenty of opportunities for investors.”
Harris Irfan World Finance interviews
June 6, 2014
World Finance interviews Harris Irfan to find out if ethics and religion have a place in modern day business, whether Islamic finance is misunderstood, and how prominent he thinks it will be in the west in years to come..
Marwan Haddad Al Arabiya interview
May 5, 2014
Marwan Haddad in Al-Arabiya TV regarding GCC markets
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Asset Management
Investment Banking